Last updated: August 2004
[will be adding more soon.]

Title Added Rating
Monkey Boy. 08.10.04 Funny/RP.
Poison. 08.10.04 Disturbing/Funny.
Slobber. 08.10.04 Funny/Wet.
Ham. [File has been lost.] 08.10.04 Funny/Weird.
Out of Jail. 08.10.04 Funny.
Bang. 08.10.04 Disturbing/Funny.
Poptart Secrets. 08.10.04 Funny/Weird.
Zen. 08.10.04 zen-ful.
Eyelick. 08.10.04 Short/silly.
Question. 08.10.04 Funny.
Pebble. 08.10.04 Funny.
Yellow Paint. 08.10.04 Silly.
Flying Cat. 08.10.04 Funny.
Pet Tornado. 08.01.03 PG-13
Death of a Poptart. 08.01.03 Funny.
Mountain Dew. 08.01.03 Funny.
The Funny Farm. 07.10.03 Weird.
Video Games. 07.10.03 Funny. (to me.)
Vote Bob!! 05.08.03 Funny.
Moo. 05.08.03 Funny.
How to Win a Fight 03.15.03 PG-13
The Cheese God 03.07.03 Cheesy.
Title Added Rating
Colors. 08.10.04 Funny/RP.

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