Do the Dew.

 LabiIe:  ot:  i have something to add to your rules for ruleplay

 LabiIe:  okay. 

 LabiIe:  ot:  Humans suck. Non-Humans (elves dwarves, ect.) rule. 

 Shade:  lol.

 LabiIe:  ... i mean.. that was it.

 LabiIe:  and then he asked if i wanted to RP.

 Shade:  LOL

 Shade:  did you?

 LabiIe:  ot:  u wanna rp?

 LabiIe:  no thanks.

 LabiIe:  ot:  y not? might i ask

 LabiIe:  i'm trying to update my webpage. 

 LabiIe:  ot:  i gtg anyway

 LabiIe:  bye. 

 Shade:  he didn't really have to go...he just felt stupid as

 LabiIe:  lol!

 Shade:  *takes out a stick and beats up that guy newb style with autos and everything..whacks him across the room*

 LabiIe:  -watches in amusement.-

 Shade:  *even tho my newb attacks get voided i dont care cuz i dont know what im talking i beat him endlessly without giving him a change to dodge then poleplay all his actions for him*

 LabiIe:  =D

 Shade:  damn.....i messed up....

 Shade:  that was too long a post for a newb...

 LabiIe:  ae:  When I become a killer artist with telephathic powers i won't keep a notebook about how i killed the people. 

 Shade:  what?? lol

 LabiIe:  my friend. we're watching Smallville. this guy who killed somebody with his telepathic powers just drew it all in his comic book.

 LabiIe:  t:  Hi.  As little as a personal opinion really matters, you're cool.  *end* 

 LabiIe:  i dunno. i just love getting silly IMs like that.

 Shade:  LOL

 LabiIe:  it's a lot better than Mister Wanna RP.

 Shade:  haha...

 Shade:  let me try

 LabiIe:  uh oh. o.O

 Shade: dont know me but i think your really cool and stuff so can i have your autograph? just type it and i'll print it or something.....

LabiIe:  -dies-

 Shade:  hehe.....OMG!

 Shade:  *autos a revive spell*

 LabiIe:  -rezzed.... blink... dies again-

 LabiIe:  -is chronic like that.-

 Shade:  ...that sux...

 LabiIe:  -but in a weirdish way.. is still alive. taking over your body. suck. suck. suck.-

 Shade:  chronic auto death....and..what the? *body is taken over*

 LabiIe:  -propels the body toward a mirror and admires self.-

 Shade:  *Thinks..admiring my possessor must be high or something....then again i do have a nice stomach*

 LabiIe:  -rummages through the closet... finds a spiderman costume. ooh. that would look good with our new stomach. shuffleshuffleclothe.-

 Shade:  *looks at my spiderman suit*...*thinks "sweet"*

 LabiIe:  -climbs the building and stretches into a spidey pose.-

 Shade:  *thinks..."wow..i thought i needed powers for that...ah well...not gonna complain and get my powers..or lack thereof taken away...*

 LabiIe:  -grin. jumps to the next building. unfortunately... the body really isn't spidey's body... so it starts to fall ever-so-gracefully toward the large trash receptacle below.-

 Shade:  *ponders..."trash receptacle is a nice word i...WHAT THE HELLL?" realizes the buildings speedily moving upward so it seems....lands in the trash receptacle with a loud crash...*

 LabiIe:  -flees the body quickly and runs away giggling all spirit-like.-

 Shade:  cool me body is body..I CAN'T MOVE MY BODY.....OWWIE

 Shade:  *autos an arm relocator spell*

 Shade:  *autos a return bone dust to bone spell*

 LabiIe:  -just then, the large garbage truck zooms toward the small alley way and crunches all the garbage together in the receptacle.-=

 Shade:  ..oh that's just great.....*astrally projects out of my body in the nick of time*

 LabiIe:  -sucks his spirit into her body as his body gets all junkified.-

 Shade:  why hello there.........

 LabiIe:  don't even think about it. ~.~

 Shade:  i may need a new body since my is a bit....incapacitated....

 Shade:  think about what?

 LabiIe:  whatever you were thinking. stop that.  

 Shade:  stop what.....i wasn't thinkin anything....

 LabiIe:  THERE! There you go again. stop that.

 Shade:  how many spirits can fit in a single body?

 LabiIe:  um. forty-two.

 LabiIe:  but that gets really cramped.

 LabiIe:  and no, you can't have any spirits over in my body.

 Shade:  oh....

 Shade:  maybe 40 if one is really big...

 LabiIe:  -shoves his spirit into a can of mountain dew.-

 Shade:  its a bit cramped in here........

 LabiIe:  yes... but at least you are with mountain dew.

 LabiIe:  many people would envy you.

 Shade:  true...true....

 LabiIe:  maybe you can sell your mountain dew for someone's body.


"i'd sell my soul for a mountain dew.."

"how about your body? is that up for grabs?"

 Shade:  LOL....

 Shade:  is it a good body?

 LabiIe:  hm... no, he's a computer nerd.

 Shade:  oh.....

 LabiIe:  -computer nerd reaches over and shakes the mountain dew can... tap tap tap tap on the lid.-

 Shade:  what the? ack

 LabiIe:  -taptap, click. fizzfizzfizz. pasty white fingers clamp around the can, squeezing it closer to the evil evil nerdy mouth.-

 LabiIe:  [am i having way too much fun with this?]

 Shade: are a sick person indeed...

 Shade:  *quickly escapes out of the opening......and away from the nerd*

 LabiIe:  -watches the computer suck the spirit inside and pixelate it.-

 LabiIe:  o.O Rick? -pokes the screen.-

 Shade:  ..i've been pixelated...

 Shade:  ..y-yeah?

 LabiIe:  are you still alive??

 Shade:  ..more or less......

 LabiIe:  good. can you switch screens for me? i'm getting tired of this one.

 Shade:  switch screens?/ how? i'm pixelated

 LabiIe:  oh. I thought you were a multi-functional pixelation.

 Shade:  ive only been a pixelation for 5 minutes..i havent learned multitasking yet....

 LabiIe:  e.e  you know, my brother was pixelated, and he caught on in like.. five seconds.  he runs my whole wav collection.

 Shade:  oh......

 Shade:  what if he attacks me?

 LabiIe:  he won't attack you. he's busy multi-tas-... -watches her brother slide across the screen and shrink him to fit the 100 pixel canvas.-

Shade:  ....what the?

 LabiIe:  .... -resizes him and prints him out.-

Shade:  o.O

 LabiIe:  that.. that was worth it all.  -laugh.-

 Shade:  *blinks*....

 Shade:  that was rather exciting....

 LabiIe:  okay. i'm reasonably better now.

Shade:  hehe....




Shade:  oh.i have something i needa tell you soon as i finally finish my dishes......

 LabiIe:  okay o.O.

 Shade:  finally done...

 Shade: all started during drawing class...when i suddenly, for no reason, turned to the kid next to me and said "Would you sell your soul for a mountain dew?"

 LabiIe:  oh GOD.  LOL

 Shade:  ...well you shoulda seen the look on his face..reluctantly he said "i dunno.....maybe if i was really thirsty.." then the kid next to him got in the conversation "yeah...i'd have to be VERY thirsty" the other kid said..

 LabiIe:  HAH.

 Shade:  then the kid behind then said "what the hell...are you some sorta freak?"

 LabiIe:  =D

 Shade:  so i said to him "Would you sell your soul for a mountain dew" he says "no, i dont like mountain dew..." some other girl said "you dont like mountain dew...?? WHATS WRONG WITH YOU"

 LabiIe:  hehehehe... i'm glad i can start such silliness in people.  ^_^

 Shade:  so he started with how he likes v8 and water and healthy i said "Would you sell your soul for goats milk".....the kid never answered....

 Shade:  then i turned to the goth girl behind me and said "so...would you sell -your- soul for a mountain dew?" she said "assuming i have a soul?" i'm like..."uhh yeah..." she said "probably...."......

 Shade:  that's when i decided to start the organization....

 LabiIe:  oh dear..

 Shade:  i call it "March of souls"....kinda like march of dimes.....we stand outside of kmarts and such and ask for people to donate their souls for "charity" (bwahahhaa) and if they do they get a complimentary mountain dew.....

 LabiIe:  bwahahaha

 Shade:  waddya think?

 Shade:  pretty good idea..

 LabiIe:  I think you'll get arrested by Christians.  :D

 Shade:  ...ah well.......

 Shade:  the pope beats me to

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