What happened to Angel?

Angel passed away on July 7, 2009. She had been feeling ill for several months, but she had no health insurance and thought it wasn't serious so she didn't see a doctor. The night before she died, she went to the ER due to difficulty breathing, but tests did not show any problems. She was released and passed away the next morning at home. An autopsy did not reveal anything and her cause of death is unknown.

Who are you?

I am Jessica Edwards West, and I went by the handle "Cherie" on the Wicked Alchemy forums. I was lucky enough for Angel to call me her best friend for a few years. After she died and her content was lost, I scraped as much as I could from archive.org, gathered files that other friends and fans had saved, and sent out a zip file of everything to anyone who asked. Her domain name finally became available for purchase, so I built this site in memory of her. (I am clearly not a website designer.)

Can I use Angel's art for [x]?

I have no legal right to grant that permission.

Can I still send in stuff to contribute to the [riddles, one-liners, etc.]?

No. These pages archive what was on Mutedfaith.com before it was taken down. I'm not adding to them.

(Have another question? Feel free to email me.)

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