Jess: Hrmm. Seriously though, do you think Sereny's an elf?
Faith: that's what i saw. a smallish elf with black hair. she was cute.
Jess: ~snickers~
Jess: I like her eyes.
Jess: It's fun to have a character with eyes that don't match 'cause no one ever does it.
Faith: lmao.
Jess: What's ironic though is the character I created for a larp that she's based off of was an elf.
Faith: i'm good. ;d
Faith: and i just licked my eye! EEK
Faith: -never made that face before..-
Jess: ........................
Faith: ;d..
Faith: -giggles incessantly-
Jess: ~bursts out into fits of giggles~
Faith: ;d ;d ;d
Faith: -dies-
Jess: ~likewise~

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