Out of Jail.

Tamur: ...tired...v.v
Faith: me too. v.v
Faith: stop smoking sarasota? o.o -stares at commercial-
Tamur: Sarasota?
Faith: that's what it said..
Tamur: o.o;
Tamur: ooh kay.
Faith: that's what -i- said. -nod-
Tamur: o.o;
Tamur: ::Wants to make a wicked alchemy rpg...snigg.::
Faith: dere be one. o.o -points to forum-
Tamur: Nono.. video game...
Tamur: RPG like...final fantasy..
Faith: ooooh
Tamur: ::Looked at a few RPG maker programs.:: Theres a neat one that lets you make one like final fantasy 3... (If you remember final fantasy 3 with terra locke etc. )
Faith: the ants come marching three by three!@
Faith: @! ...? ..... @@@@@@!
Tamur: O.o;;;
Tamur: ::Thinks Angel has finally completely snapped...::
Faith: snappoo snapply snap snap. xD
Tamur: snapparo?
Faith: snapple!
Tamur: =D
Faith: "come down and waste away with me... down with me."
Tamur: :-$
Faith: -humhumhumhumhum-
Tamur: Yep. ::Checks inside her ear.:: Just as I suspected. It's hollow in there...
Tamur: :-D
Faith: o.o
Tamur: O.o
Faith: <- bored.
Tamur: ::Still trying to realize he has to work today.:: v.v I had to work saturday.... I want another day off...
Faith: -hands you a getoutofjailfree card-
Tamur: This is for jail... Do you have one for work? ::Puts away the card in his wallet.:: =D
Faith: ... -rummage-
Faith: .. i have one for cheese, class, bird cages, wet paper bags...
Faith: ... death, bills, fbi manhunts...
Faith: ... a box of cereal, for some reason..
Faith: nope, no work. sorry.
Tamur: O.o; FBI manhunts?
Faith: -sings- my bunny ate my fiiiiinger.
Tamur: Are any of these interchangable?
Faith: erhm.. no, i'm saving that one.
Tamur: O.o;

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