Joshua: Do you have moo in your life?
Faith: yes. yes i do.
Joshua: Would you care to try new moo?
Faith: no. i like my moo, thank you.
Joshua: We have a wide variety of moo at a wide range of prices that ranges from cheap to expensive.
Joshua: Are you sure you wouldn't even like a FREE sample?
Joshua: It's FREE!!
Faith: no thank you, i've had my moo for a very long time, and i'm satisfied with m- ... well if it's free... okay..
Joshua: Very good. You will be receiving forms in the mail for your new moo, which you are to fill out in triplicate. Upon filling out the forms, send them back to the return address and you will receive your new moo in 6-8 weeks.
Faith: ..........
Faith: just a free sample, right?
Joshua: um....yeah.....Along with the small....large shipping and handling fee.
Faith: .......
Faith: forget it, i don't want your moo.
Joshua: But wait! There's more!!
Joshua: Order now and you'll receive our special Oink and Woof formulas absolutely free! That's a two hundred dollar value as our gift to you along with your purchase of the free sample of moo.
Faith: no. no moo. go away you evil moo man.
Joshua: Woof is also available in Meow or "Ferret Sounds".
Joshua: I'll even throw in Squeak!!
Joshua: Please don't leave me! I'm lonely and need money and friends!
Faith: i don't have money...
Faith: but you can give me some money..
Faith: and then i will be your friend!
Joshua: hmmm....
Joshua: But...but....I don't have any money....
Faith: ah. well then.
Joshua: Do you have any Awoooga needs?
Joshua: You can always use more Awoooga.
Joshua: I also have Honk and Splash.
Joshua: I have a very large supply of onomatopeias.
Joshua: there's Sploosh, and Whap, and the ever-popular, Kablammo.
Joshua: If those don't interest you, by special order only, I have Ring, Pow, and Plop!
Faith: :P
Joshua: I have a vast selection of scratching.
Joshua: There's chalkboard scratching, back scratching, head scratching, foot scratching, eye scratching, ear scratching, and, my personal favorite, throat scratching.

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