Poptart Secrets.

Tamur: Learn all about how to be an evil pop-tart! >CLICK HERE!!!<
Tamur: =P
Faith:: ................
Faith:: MY evil poptart secrets.
Tamur: Nuu
Faith:: Yes. you will never learn.
Tamur: Ha!
Tamur: I have sprinkly goodness, What do YOU have?
Faith:: ... i GAVE you your sprinkly goodness.
Faith:: do i have to take my sprinkles back now?
Tamur: I will bite you!
Chocoman: o.o I have the chocolate in the middle ::blink::
Faith:: .... you can't bite me.. i have sprinkly protection.
Faith:: oooooh...
Tamur: sprinkly protection!
Chocoman: lol
Tamur: You have uncovered the secret of sprinkly protection!?
Faith:: chocolate in the middle... -drools-
Faith:: uncovered it?! the secrets are mine! you have much to learn in the ways of the poptart, mook.
Chocoman: <.< Can't eat me I am full of calories o.O
Tamur: I bow to your almighty - uh.. ..hm...
Tamur: Mmmm...Calories...::BITE::
Chocoman: ::biten:: ._. ow
Chocoman: dude, that hurt and rather alot. o.o;
Faith:: hey! MY chocolatey goodness.
Faith:: -gathers up and hides-
Chocoman: o.O hey...damn it now I will have to settle with the strawberry
Faith:: o.o
Tamur: ::Lassos with a fruit by foot...:: Get back here...
Faith:: ......
Tamur: muhahhaha.
Faith:: Didn't i confiscate that lasso?
Chocoman: o.O well they are proven useful.
Faith:: -dragged.-
Tamur: No.
Faith:: -eats the lasso.-
Tamur: ::Bite munch chew chomp::
Tamur: ::Eats all the chocolatey goodness.:: Hahah!
Chocoman: Good thing I switched to a diet product o.o strawberry filling
Tamur: O.o; ::Gags and dies.::
Tamur: x.x
OnlineHost: Tamur has left the room.
Faith:: hahahahahaha..
Faith:: mook.
Chocoman: whoa.....that was sweet >.> it is now proven diet products will be the death to us all.
Faith: ... how... ironic.

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