Flying Cat.

Faith: -bouncebouncebouncebounce... runs out of energy... curls in her lap. snooze.-
Cherie: hee ^.^
Cherie: last day of school!
Cherie: ::cheers::
Faith: !!!!
Faith: YAY
Cherie: then the blessed laziness that is summer
Faith: -has been summered for a month and a half now-
Cherie: ooh, well... fine!
Cherie: hehe
Faith: ^^
Cherie: -puts the Angel on pause while she gets dressed-
Faith: i want more summer.
Faith: ee-
Cherie: hmm
Cherie: tough choice
Cherie: be cold all day
Cherie: or wear my hoodie with a skirt and look like an idiot
Faith: -is paused. x.x-
Cherie: eep
Cherie: -unpauses-
Faith: .... hoodie.
Faith: i have donuts!
Cherie: lol
Cherie: oooh
Cherie: mail me one!
Faith: -pants all unpaused-like-
Faith: -mail!-
Cherie: yay!
Faith: wait... i dunno where you live. -just mailed a donut to abudabi-
Cherie: hmm
Cherie: they'll enjoy it more than me
Faith: o.O
Cherie: ... i don't know what i'd do without this dose of humor each morning to wake me up
Faith: lol..
Faith: caffeine?
Cherie: too tired to make coffee, lol
Faith: heh
Faith: this bag says "40% more!" but i looked inside, and like... only half the bag is filled.
Faith: ... so i think they meant 40% more bag.
Cherie: indeed
Cherie: they're tricky like that
Faith: dammit. what am i going to do with 40% more bag...
Cherie: make... a parachute!
Faith: ... for my cat, maybe. -studies bag size-
Cherie: good. cat safety shall not be neglected
Faith: be right back. flying cat experiment.
Cherie: kk

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