Craig::  so started rping with her again out of desperation yet?
Faith:  nope. rpin with tamur and watching smallville.
Craig::  cool beans.
Faith:  or about to watch smallville anywho
Faith:  if i can find the friggin channel lol
Craig::  focus..foooocus.
Craig::  ::places his fingers in her waxy ears and chants above her:: FOOOOCUSSS
Faith:  x.x
Faith:  it's just not coming to me batman....
Craig::  ::Is The Tick::
Craig::  spooon!
Faith:  x.o
Faith:  spoooooooork.
Craig::  no no, thats not the right battle cry foolish one.
Faith:  o.o
Faith:  teach me mastah!
Craig::  first, you must take the pebble from my hand.
Faith:  ::grabs the pebble and eats it.::
Craig::  then you must not devour have failed!
Faith:  O.o
Faith:  wait.. wait.. i can do it!.. gimme another tryyyyyyyy
Craig::  ::snickers:: No, you have failed grasshopper.
Faith:  v.v
Craig::  I'll give you a year to brush up on teqnique, then we try again.
Craig::  Hey squirt.
Faith:  hey jello-head.
Craig::  ::bobs his jello-head::
Faith:  i burned my onion rings.
Craig::  awww, can I have some anyway.
Faith:  ::hands him a crispy ring::
Craig::  ::scarfs::
Faith:  ::bit into one and it shattered all over the plate. lmao.::
Craig::  ::takes a few of her fingers with him::
Craig::  crunchy like.
'Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale...
A Tale of a fateful trip...That started on this tropic port, aboard this tiny ship!
The mate was a mighty sailors man, the skipper brave and sure!
Five passengers set sail that day, for a three hour tour...
A three hour tour...

::insert cheesy lightning effects here::

The weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed!
If not for the courage of the fearless crew, the Minnow would be lost!
The Minnow would be lost!'

Craig::  ::tears::
Faith: o.O
Craig::  its so beautiful.
Craig::  you come up with it?
Faith: lmao.
Faith: you weirdo.
Craig::  ::grins::
Faith: yep i came up with it. then they stole it from me and put it on a cheesy show about an island ::NOD:: ... yeah.. ::would have been around.. eh.. not born yet.. but hey! she came up with it anyway.::
Craig::  good for you, take a stand, tell the world you concieved the whole show while still an egg in your mothers pre-pubescent womb..and they used a special lazor talent stealer to get it from you.
Faith: =D
Faith: it's true!
Faith: what else do you think they do with those ultrasounds, but steal babies' ideas??
Craig::  ::nods nods:: its a conspiracy, we should write to the x-files people
Faith: yeah.
Craig::  we could make a mint.

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