OnlineHost: Losergirl has entered the room.
Losergirl: why hello....
Losergirl: i need a life
Faith: moo?
Losergirl: baaa?
Faith: you probably won't find one here. -nod-
Faith: and you can't have mine.
Losergirl: lol
Losergirl: yea ur right
Faith: yes. i'm always right. most of the time.
OnlineHost: Losergirl has left the room.
Jess: Wow!
Faith: wow?
Jess: I'm in a chat room?
Jess: ~blinks~
Faith: yes. yes you are.
Jess: I didn't even realize that.
Faith: can i be Captain Obvious now?
Faith: -wants the big O on her spandex blue t-shirt.-
OnlineHost: DIVA12948 has entered the room.
DIVA12948: Click Here to see Faith Hill Naked
OnlineHost: DIVA12948 has left the room.
OnlineHost: Tamur has entered the room.
Faith: .... and so, the true meaning of hell comes to light... a horrible, horrible eternity spent staring at blank things that are supposed to represent what once were human beings, while a complete silence drapes over the air.
Faith: But i still have my imaginary music. ~.~ {s itsovernow}
OnlineHost: Questioner has entered the room.
Questioner: Evening all
Faith: hello.
Questioner: Why is it so quiet in here?
Faith: because i was on the floor pretending that i knew how spaghetti sauce got on my ceiling.
Questioner: I see, haha, okay.
Faith: And Jess doesn't know she's in a chat room.
Faith: the rest, i can't explain.
Questioner: Really? How does one know they are not in a chat room?
Faith: ... it's one of those zen things. you can't really understand it unless you acknowledge that you do not understand.
Questioner: Okay
Tamur: do you or do you not know you don't understand?
Faith: or do you understand that you do not understand?
Tamur: -That is the question.
Faith: no, that is a common noun that takes the place of many other more appropriate nouns.
Tamur: And what do you call appropriate, HM?
Faith: appropriate - especially suitable or compatible.
Tamur: ...
Faith: see. you do not understand.
Tamur: And I do not understand, and I -.. um therefor I understand...
Tamur: ...Yeah.
OnlineHost: Questioner has left the room.
Faith: no. now you just understand that you do not understand. now you can begin to understand the depth of which you do not understand.
Tamur: I do not understand the depths of not understanding, So now I do not understand!
Faith: ahh... but now, for the first time, you have understood.
Tamur: Now I understand why I bang my head against the desk to get the ghosts out.
Faith: no, the ghosts are an entirely separate matter.
Tamur: But i understood the ghosts!
Faith: nobody can truly understand the ghosts. they may have merely fooled you into a false sense of understanding.
Tamur: except, i didn't understand!
Tamur: o.o;
Faith: there, there. go have some ice cream. you'll feel all better.
Tamur: False sense of understanding? But so I do understand because I didn't!
Tamur: ICE CREAM..afk
Tamur: back..
Tamur: with kuukies n' curm eyce curm
Faith: be careful with your letter bag.
Faith: someone might eat it.
Tamur: o.o;
Faith: like the ghosts.
Tamur: ::hides the bag in the ice cream.:: no one will ever eat it there!
Faith: ... until you eat your ice cream.
Faith: or it melts.
Tamur: o.o;
Tamur: ::munch...blink..:: o.o;
Faith: but then, there is your first key to understanding, after you understand that you do not understand. you must understand that everything is relative, and nothing, in that sense, is inherently important.
Tamur: o.o;
Faith: the ice cream is not important. the ghosts are not important. death is not important.
Tamur: pizza is important..
Faith: no. pizza is not important. nothing is important. once you understand this, you will understand that the fact that you do not understand is not relatively important, either, except to your own mind.
Tamur: o.o;;;
Tamur: what about mountain dew?

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