Colors: demon?
General Mog: dragon demon
Colors: ::nods::i'm what they call a evolved mystic and a dragon
General Mog: your light cusordium/dragon or just evolved
General Mog: why would you hang with demon
Colors: evolved mystic....i'll explain.....i'm half mystic all dragon i have diffrent abilities based on my hair color
General Mog: ok i know what your talking about now
Colors: i'm evolved
Colors: watch
Colors: ::his entire body flashed colors as his hair turned silver and so did his clothes::now i can heal only
Colors: [s quiet]
OnlineHost: ScarletDethRose has left the room.
Colors: ::as he saw her dissapear he walked behind her desk and waited::i'll take over for now
General Mog: brethren what is of the spell i forgot to ask scarlet
Colors: well i must go but i'll be back
General Mog: late much hope for dragons
Colors: ::his haired turned blue as he walked out::indeed
OnlineHost: Colors has left the room.

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