Vote Bob!

Joshua: Vote for Bob!
Faith: moo.
Joshua: Who's Bob? Bob's your man!

--Vote Bob!
Faith: why am i voting bob?
Joshua: Bob has a plan! Granted Bob's plan includes getting wasted and passing out on the floor, but its a plan nonetheless!

--Vote Bob.
Joshua: Bob loves you! But not in a weird way...

--Vote Bob
Faith: o.o
Joshua: Bob hasn't tried to kill you in the last five minutes!

--Vote Bob.
Joshua: Who's that behind you brandishing a butter knife?
Not Bob, that's for sure!

--Vote Bob.
Joshua: Who started the war in Afghanistan?
Wasn't Bob.

--Vote Bob.
Joshua: There's a good chance that Bob is not the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler!

--Vote Bob
Joshua: Unlike some candidates, Bob is not an escaped mental patient.

--Vote Bob.
Faith: where are you getting this? o.O
Joshua: Bob will always be there when you need him.
And that's not just because he's stalking you.

--Vote Bob.
Joshua: I made it up today.
Faith: heh
Joshua: They're having officer elections at my school next week, and I'm trying to get all my friends to vote for Bob.
Joshua: So far I've got about 10 or 12 Bob votes.
Faith: hah
Faith: so who the hell is Bob?
Joshua: Bob is not a terrorist!....anymore....

--Vote Bob.
Joshua: Bob is nobody really.
Faith: ahh..
Faith: can i put these on my page? LOL
Joshua: Sure.
Joshua: Call it "The Bob Campaign"
Faith: lol
Joshua: Bob is not a recovering alcoholic.
He's still a full-blown alcoholic...

--Vote Bob.
Joshua: Turn around and say hi to Bob!
Haha! Made you look!

--Vote Bob.
Joshua: Bob is not a convicted felon.
(Money fixes all problems)

--Vote Bob.

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