Way Too Many Video Games.

LabiIe:  -just sighs.-
Forsaken Vitae:  Lol, we both got kicked off.
LabiIe:  doh.
Forsaken Vitae:  I was like... poor Angel caught my... ::Computer messes up.:: DAMMIT lol
LabiIe:  lol
LabiIe:  had to restart my whole computer.
LabiIe:  did you get any of my action?
LabiIe:   Puter Problem City 
Forsaken Vitae:  go ahead and repeat.
Forsaken Vitae:  just making sure lol
LabiIe:  e.e.. ick. i didn' tget to save yours either. 
LabiIe:  heh last thing i saved was my second to last action. oh wells. v.v
Forsaken Vitae:  okay, i remember most of it.
Forsaken Vitae:  I wouldn't call that an evil thing to do lol. 
Forsaken Vitae:  ::In response to the evil gm grin from awhile back::
LabiIe:  LOL i forget what i evil gm grinned to. but okie.
Forsaken Vitae:  When i asked what happened to Amy
LabiIe:  gawd.. our entire party is fawked up. lol
Forsaken Vitae:  o.o; Lol ::Can picture there HP as if it were a video game:: Will someone PLEASE cast Cure 3?  PLEASE? ::Plays Final Fantasy too much::
LabiIe:  lmao
LabiIe:  this one needs Life 2..
LabiIe:  how about a nice anti-depressant??
LabiIe:  e.e
Forsaken Vitae:  [Tamur] ::Sighs and casts Fire 4 on enemy, and half his party.::  O.O; OUT OF MP..
LabiIe:  o.O!
LabiIe:  <half the party> ::limit breaks on Tamur::
Forsaken Vitae:  [Tamur] >.<! ::Falls over.::
Forsaken Vitae:  [Tamur-mun] Dammit...::RESET::
LabiIe:  lmao!
Forsaken Vitae:  [Me] ::Plays with the controller::
[Tamur] ::Walks forward. Shoots enemy with gun, steps back to his little spot.::
[Angel] ::Steps forward, gets the shit beaten out of him, falls over::
[Aniel] ::Steps forward, holds up phoenix down, rezzes Angel::
LabiIe:  o.O
Forsaken Vitae:  [Angel] ::Gets hit, spins in circles with a Question mark spinning over his head and attacks Tamur::
[Tamur] ::Falls over::
[Aniel] ::Flees::
LabiIe:  [Me] ::Plays with controller::
[Tamur] ::Walks forward, shoots and shoots and shoots, runs around in circles and yells at Angel. Steps back in little spot.::
[Angel] ::Runs pell-mell toward the wall and attacks it viciously.::
[Aniel] ::Starts praying.::
Forsaken Vitae:  O.o;;
Forsaken Vitae:  lol...
Forsaken Vitae:  [Angel] ::Scores a critical hit!::
LabiIe:  [Angel] ::Does victory dance too early and gets killed by second bad guy.::
Forsaken Vitae:  [Tamur] ::Limit brake!....WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSH....COMPLAIN::
LabiIe:  [Tamur, Angel, Aniel] ::Limit break!!! Pummel the bad guy.::
[Bad guy] ::Cloud of dust lifts, and he's still standing.::
[Tamur, Angel, Aniel] ::FLEE::
Forsaken Vitae:  [Tamur,Angel,Aniel] ::Use tent... Go back to bad guy::
LabiIe:  [Bad guy] ::eats them whole.::
Forsaken Vitae:  [Angel,Tamur] ::Pokes the Inside of Bad guy's tummy::
[Aniel] ::Sits on another eaten guy, using him as chair and prays.::
LabiIe:  [Bad guy] ::Gets indigestion and burps Aniel out cleanly.. The other two fall out the wrong side o.o::
LabiIe:  [Angel] ::muttermutter:: Stupid.. ::muttermumble:: God..

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