How To Win a Fight.

PS:  .. I was just called pint size and short stack...
LabiIe:   ..... is this a good thing or a bad thing?
 PS:   -insulted- 
LabiIe:   -..always liked being called pint size..-
 PS:   -sulks-
 PS:   -LOL- 
 PS:   -why?-
LabiIe:   -cuz it makes her feel tiny 'n cute..-
 PS:   - hee hee-
 PS:   he's only 3 inches taller than me too -huffs and stomps-
LabiIe:   -'n it proves a helluva surprise when she whoops some guy's ass. nodnod.-
 PS:   SEE
LabiIe:   o.O
LabiIe:   lmao!
LabiIe:   so let him call you what he wants. tell him you wanna fight him, and beat his ass
LabiIe:   and then see what he calls you ;D
 PS:   told him to prove it  
 PS:   and he said, ok you asked for it  
LabiIe:   lmao
 PS:   -laughs insanely-
 PS:   any tips?
LabiIe:   foldin clothes >|~
 PS:   LOL
LabiIe:   umm.... aim low and bite.
 PS:   i'm not going to bite him
LabiIe:   .. not necessarily in that order, mind you..
 PS:   fgyokguohu
 PS:   LOL
LabiIe:   i always find it's easier to play defensive.  he won't want to hit you because you're a girl.. but if you make him, he'll have to.
 PS:   how do you make him
LabiIe: just play defensive until he either hits you or grabs you [which he will most likely grab you], then all you have to do is wrestle away from his holds.
 PS:   elaborate :)
LabiIe:   just stand there with your fists up... um... play like you're gonna hit him and draw back... taunt him... tease him... "come on.. what are you waiting for? let's fight!"   ...he'll eventually come at you.
 PS:   -giggles-
LabiIe:   all you gotta do after that is dodge any hits, and wiggle away from holds.
LabiIe:   wiggling is good.
 PS:   wiggling?
LabiIe:   squirm like you mean it!
 PS:   ROFL 
LabiIe:   unless you know karate.   in which case, just kick him in the stomach.
 PS:   I don't want to hurt him!
LabiIe:   um... so... kick him in the.. elbow?
LabiIe:   the best thing to do if you really don't want to hurt him is plan A, then.  don't kick.
 PS:   ok o.o
LabiIe:   eventually you can squirm into a position that leaves him vulnerable.. then all you have to do is pin him to the ground ;D
 PS:   how do I get him on the ground though O.o
LabiIe:   just squirm until his balance is off.. then push him until he goes down on his knees or falls all the way. if he goes down on his knees, throw yourself at him. boobs first.
LabiIe:   he'll be so surprised he'll hit the floor willingly.
LabiIe:   i'm just kidding.
 PS:   -DIES-
LabiIe:   just throw yourself at him.   ;P  your body weight can push him down if you get him to his knees.
 PS:   lol
LabiIe:   then the hardest part... keeping him pinned for three seconds.  cuz guys have this thing that if they're not pinned for three whole counted seconds, you didn't win.
 PS:   lol
 PS:   k
LabiIe:   and then if you pin him for three seconds, he'll make up another rule that it was ten seconds.
 PS:   LOL
LabiIe:  and sadly, if you do beat him, he'll be sure to inform you at some point that he wasn't really fighting, because you are a girl and he didn't want to hurt you.
 PS:  hee
LabiIe: either that, or that you don't know how to fight "fair."   and by "fair," he means a fight he thinks he could win.
 PS:   -knows-
 PS:    Sullen Blade:   ::fixed the garbage disposal:: i feel so manly 
LabiIe:   o.O....
LabiIe:   -washed all the clothes-   i am a man's man!
 PS:   -dies-

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