Monkey Boy.

Monkey: Lalala. Lalalalalalala.
Faith: La.
Monkey: Beautiful
Faith: mmm?
Monkey: Im just bored, so Im amusing myself
Faith: that's always fun. do you often tell people about it? o.O..
Monkey: If it seems to confuse someone
Faith: Ah.
Faith: {s haunting}
Monkey: I hear no sound
Faith: I'm amusing myself, but in a different way, I'm sure.
Monkey: And what way is that?
Faith: by playing wavs most people can't hear.
Faith: {s sanitarium
Monkey: In that case...I HEAR THE MUSIC!
Faith: heehee... is it in your head??
Faith: i hear music all the time. it scares me.
Monkey: You been in my head all day. Wait, no, thats not right
Faith: yes i know. it's quite roomy there. o.o'
Faith: -squirms around-
Monkey: Yes. I have a hat that says "Space for Rent"
Faith: i want a hat like that..
Monkey: Why'd ya squirm?
Faith: to get more comfortable. and find my ungodly wav collection.
Faith: {s nothing
Monkey: I have a collection of songs
Faith: are they pretty songs?
Monkey: Some. Most are angry metal songs
Faith: are they about bloody flowers and sex?
Monkey: Blood, beating people, being your own person, sex, and angry stuff
Monkey: But I have nice ones, too
Monkey: Phantom of the Opera, for one
Faith: ah. are the nice ones about fluff and butter?
Faith: that's not a nice song. that's an evil scary song. >D
Monkey: I have Viva Las Vegas
Faith: .... ooh. evil. ick. your nice songs aren't nice.
Monkey: Elvis?
Faith: .........
Monkey: And ZZ Top. Both did Viva Las Vegas
Monkey: *Looks around* Whats the point of this room?
Faith: {s nothingelse} ?
Faith: um. it's her room. she's looking for a decent roleplayer. or twelve.
Faith: or someone to yell at.
Monkey: Shes awefully quiet
Faith: she's yelling at someone. her voice only goes one way.
Monkey: Im just gonna accept that
Faith: hang on. I'll call her back.
Monkey: *Dances like a monkey*
Faith: I caught a monkey! come back and beat it with me!!
Jess: Woo!
Faith: -ties up the monkey-like dancer-
Jess: brb
Monkey: She has a short attention span
Faith: no. she's just talking to too many people.
Faith: er... yelling at, too many people.
Monkey: Okie
Monkey: Lets make biscuits!
Faith: mmmm.... biscuits...
Faith: muffins are better.
Monkey: *Grabs Labile by the collar* LETS MAKE BISCUITS!!!
Faith: i have chocolate chip mu- ACK
Faith: ... fine. fine. we'll do what YOU want to do.
Faith: e.e.
Monkey: *Runs to kitchen and grabs random stuff*
Faith: ... -grabs a microwave and hits him on the head.-
Faith: BAD monkey.
Faith: don't grab that.
Jess: Angel....? Whyfor you beat the monkey with a microwave.....?
Monkey: *Smiles* That was fun
Faith: he ... he grabbed... -point-
Monkey: I'm gonna roll around on the floor now *Cocks head to side* KAY?!? *Rolls on floor*
Faith: .... -steps on him as he rolls by.-
Monkey: *Smiles* Awww....someone needs a hug...
Jess: ~laughs~
Jess: ~hugs da Angel~
Faith: -hugs da Jess-
Monkey: *Begins walking to Angel*
Faith: -begins backing away-
Jess: ~trips the monkey boy~
Monkey: *Falls on face* ow

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