Yellow Paint.

Faith: -cling-
Jack: *looks at you*
Jack: good day?
Faith: meh. it evened itself out.
Jack: how did the "thing" go then?
Faith: i had a horrible first class, a final in my second class, i couldn't find my wallet so i couldn't buy lunch... but... school's over and i saw a really cool movie :D
Jack: oh well thats ok then
Faith: ... and i can't find my cadmium yellow tub of paint.
Faith: dernit.
Jack: cadmium yellow? what is this Warhammer? :-P
Jack: so the final went well then?
Faith: i think it was o- hey, that reminds me, i need to e-mail my teacher and tell her i forgot to put my name on my essay. lmao.
Jack: DOH!
Faith: there.
Faith: now. gotta find that paint.
Jack: lol why?
Faith: you know that pic for chapter two? i want to paint it with acrylics now.
Faith: i'm scanning it after i do something to it, so i'm just experimenting with a whole bunch of media.
Jack: oh yeah i remembner
Faith: however, the only acrylic paints i have are magenta, cyan, white, black and.. yellow. if i can find my yellow. can't very well make half the colors on the color wheel if i don't have yellow.
Jack: what about a subsitute yellow?
Faith: mmph... i have "brilliant yellow," but it's a different kind of acrylic... and i only have a little bit of it left.
Faith: it's a tube that i bought in high school, lol
Jack: mushed banana?
Faith: that's all the yellow i have.
Faith: no bananas... no fake bananas.... no gatorade..
Faith: i have mountain dew, but carbonated beverage doesn't work well with oil.
Jack: gay tore aide?
Faith: o.o gatorade...
Faith: you know what gatorade is, right?
Jack: no
Faith: lol
Faith: oh kay. :D
Faith: it's.. um... a sports drink.
Faith: that originally was pee yellow color.
Jack: oh
Jack: yummy
Jack: isnt mountain dew that colour
Faith: later it got all these weird flavors.
Faith: no, mountain dew's like an electric yellow.
Jack: like fanta :-(
Faith: hm... maybe i should just do prismacolors next.
Faith: it's a sign!..
Faith: ~.~
Jack: or buy some yellow
Faith: i don't wanna.
Faith: i have a tub of yellow.
Faith: ... somewhere.

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