Faith: i'm looking up poisonous plants. ~_~
Cherie: o.O
Cherie: -eats one-
Faith: o.o
Faith: LMAO
Faith: General symptoms of poisoning:

Faith: ..... i found that hilarious for some reason .......
Cherie: LMAO
Cherie: that's not really a symptom
Cherie: more like a result
Faith: lol
Faith: i just like that they listed it first. the list went: "death, nausea, pupil dilation, vomiting." it's so nice to know that if you survive, there's still more fun to be had. ~_~
Cherie: hehehe
Faith: it's sad the things i look up for a good story sometimes. ~.~
Cherie: it's why your stories are so good
Faith: lol
Faith: ooh! ooh! this one has the symptom of a pulse: slow or rapid. XD
Faith: but there's definitely a pulse there!
Faith: "black walnut is used extensively as a parasitic, to kill parasites." wow.
Faith: ooh! you can gargle it to clean stains on your teeth. xD
Cherie: o.O
Cherie: "use this poison for fresh breath!"
Faith: -giggle-
Faith: lmao!! look at the smilies!! http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/PLANTanswers/publica tions/poison/poison.html
Cherie: -points- she giggled!
Faith: look look look
Cherie: LOL
Cherie: Narcissus, may be fatal. especially if you spend your life wasting away staring at your reflection in a river.
Faith: xD
Cherie: the prettiest things are always the most dangerous
Faith: Castor Bean: "Fatal. A single Rosary Pea seed has caused death. One or two Castor Bean seeds are near the lethal dose for adults." i got to see a castor bean plant at my old college.
Cherie: back locust causes depression in children
Faith: o.o no!
Cherie: Black Locust Bark, sprouts, foliage Children have suffered nausea, weakness and depression after chewing the bark and seeds.
Faith: !!! omg!
Faith: that's horrible!
Faith: ...
Cherie: hehehe
Faith: ooh. bleeding hearts kill cows.
Faith: azaleas cause depression in everyone. ~.~
Faith: "symptoms: gasping, excitement, and prostration" ... so after they hop around excitedly, they lay on the floor for a stint? ...
Cherie: XD
Faith: yay for hemlock! many people dead. ~.~
Cherie: i liked how people died from steak roasting on oleander sticks
Faith: o.o. hah!

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