The Funny Farm.

Rwy'n: Howdy doo!
Faith: Hello and welcome to the funny farm!! How may I direct your call?
Rwy'n: Ext. 143, The "I like to eat play-Doh," Dormitory.
Faith: Okay, one moment, I will direct your call.
Faith: ::Blip::
Rwy'n: thank you.
Faith: ::insert background music here::
Rwy'n: {s gay
Faith: Hello, we like to eat play dough, may I help you?
Rwy'n: Hi, um, yeah...I ate the blue it harmful when consumed with alchaseltzer and crayons?
Faith: hmm... You might feel some minor fizzling in your stomach tonight, but the crayons should substantially reduce the risk of vomitting.
Rwy'n: okay, great, cuase i kinda got worried when I farted out Gumby.
Faith: we're just glad you didn't eat the green kind.
Faith: that will happen for awhile, yes.
Rwy'n: Is a Pokey-Poop normal in this case?
Faith: with the crayons, yes, as long as you ate them whole or only cut in half, and didn't chew very much. If you did, you may have a problem.
Rwy'n: ....
Faith: I take it by your silence you DID chew the crayons.
Rwy'n: Well, i only tend to eat the "Dark Amber" crayons, and I chewed alot of 'em...
Rwy'n: That would explain the waxy residue in my underwear...
Faith: That will help coat the problem the alkazeltzer will make with the play dough.. But the pokey-poop might be something you get checked with a proctologist
Rwy'n: good...well at least it's not fatal
Faith: yes. As long as you didn't eat black crayons, you should be fine in 3 to 5 days.
Rwy'n: phew! thank god...I have a date with a necropheliac tuesday...
Rwy'n: ..I always have to take cold baths with her...curious...
Faith: Well try not to mix crayons with her play dough, if you go eating.
Faith: oh no no no!
Faith: you don't want to mix cold water with that!
Rwy'n: ..I won't...I'll stick to the haircuts and manicures we do..actually she does, but...
Faith: okay, that's good.
Rwy'n: Well, you have made my evening...I am so relieved....thanks!
Faith: That's great! Glad we could help. Anything else we can do?
Rwy'n: um...well...actually...yes. I have a small problem with my personal hygiene, that being I don;t have any. My girlfriend the necro brefers me to have a decayed and earthy smell, and my parents won't speak to me anymore. I love them, but I will do anything for my girlfriend...what should I do?
Faith: Ah. Well for that you would need to talk to our prominent odors and decaying body parts sector. Would you like me to redirect your call?
Rwy'n:, I have to go and sit in a hole my girlfriend made outside...she has a surprise for me..she says it's a big box I can open. It's so big, I can even lay in it! I hope it's a cool surprise!
Faith: ahh. Well, thankyou for calling the funny farm! Have a great, play-doughy day!
Rwy'n: i can't figure out the purpose of the big rock in front of the hole, but I guess it's all part of the surprise.
Rwy'n: thanks for the help!
Rwy'n: :click:

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