Rude awakening

Linao, half asleep, listened carefully to the television as it confirmed what she originally thought was a dream.

"Police are still on the lookout for Dominick Marquez, a local mechanic who assaulted two officers last night after killing his brother, Manuel, at...

Oh god. I’m not dreaming. She scrambled off the couch when, Thunk! She inadvertently got a foot in Tamur’s groin, who was earlier sleeping blissfully. Poor Tamur fell off the couch and writhed in pain on the floor.

"What the hell was that for?! I didn’t do anything yet!" He protested, now fully awake.

"They… The news… I have to go--.." She didn’t have time to explain. She ran out of the door.

Tamur crawled back onto the couch. "That’s it. No girls sleeping on the couch unless I’m wearing a cup," he mumbled, and began to watch the TV himself.

"What the hell?"

summary written by Naomi

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