A bitter reunion

He's probably not there anymore. Why would he go back? Linao's thoughts wandered, much the way her legs did without her bidding. They pulled her toward the apartment she'd called her second home for so long, almost hoping, perhaps, that the last few hours had simply been a dream. I tried the fountain, the shop, the school... she glanced sideways into an alley, then back into the street to watch the traffic as it zoomed by. I don't know where else to--

Her eyes darted back to the alley, staring until they focused against the muted shadows. "...Dominick," she breathed, almost reluctant as she stepped forward. Out here on the sidewalk it was still just a dream...

But her friend wasn't part of that dream. She broke into a run as it shattered around her, arms tangling around his shoulders before he realized she was there.

"Gods, where have you been?!" she cried, not really expecting an answer. It was the first question that had come to mind. She pulled back her fingers as they slid down his hair, gaping at the half-dried blood with which they were coated. "And what happened??"

For a moment, Dominick stared at her as if she really had leapt out of a dream. He'd been walking for several hours without much thought in his head, but watching her brought several painful points crashing back to mind.

"Manuel's dead," he mumbled, his voice lacking life. "I have to find Trini..." He stepped around her slowly, walking toward the sidewalk as if he were the one in a dream.

"No, I mean..." She already knew that. "I mean what happened? How did it happen??" Her fingers grabbed around Dominick's sleeve, holding him there. "Please..."

Dominick turned to glance at her, but her eyes had slid to the gun in his hand. For an instant they filled with doubt. They raised slightly -- almost afraid to meet his gaze, almost afraid to back up the question she felt spilling from her lips. "...You didn't-- ?!" A question she couldn't even finish.

A new pain washed over Dominick's face. He scrunched his nose to get rid of it, yanking his arm back and glaring at her with hurt black eyes.

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