The painful throbbing in his head had finally awakened him. He must have been out for a few hours... his body ached like he'd been asleep on the awkward floor for awhile.

"Augh..." Finally prying his eyes open, they greeted the shag carpet with a nauseating disapproval. It was easier to pull himself out of the cargo net from the ground; the slack at the top had widened it enough for him to merely shake it off.

"I could have sworn he shot me," Dominick mumbled, his hand reaching instinctively for the back of his head. It bumped into a long, thin piece of metal that he plucked and pulled back to examine. "with a.. tranq dart?" Now that was humiliating. "...bastard. He should have just shot me."

He not my owner.

The voice took him by surprise. Stuffing the dart into a pocket, he glanced over the room, eyes finally settling on the gun. "...Huh?"

You've got to be kidding me. There's actually a spirit in this gun? He wondered why it hadn't spoken up before.

"I think it's time we got better acquainted." Dominick picked up the weapon again, studying it carefully. The spirit needed little persuasion to come to life.

Krisna said he not my owner, the earth spirit muttered quietly, slightly hurt from the rude kick it had received earlier. It wrapped itself around the barrel of the gun. He not feel same, it replied disdainfully.

"Then you're going to help me find your owner." Maybe this gun would remember who shot his brother... It was about all he had to go on now that Jack was out of the picture.

Okay me guess, the spirit replied doubtfully. The mechanic pried her out of the gun barrel, stretching her around his hand. What you do?! she cried, clinging with what she had left to the metal.

"I'm just binding you to my hand so you can't lose me again." Dominick finished wrapping her around the gun and his hand, releasing the gun to see if it worked. The gun dangled against his palm, quite secured. He didn't give a thought to how socially awkward he'd probably be with a gun attached to his hand.


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