Jack wouldn't hurt a fly

"I didn't do anything with your sister," Jack finally replied, studying the blood-stained mechanic. "I set up this meeting to talk to her."

"Liar!" It was just too coincidental.. wasn't it? "You killed my brother and you took her! You--" Dominick switched tones almost immediately. It was pointless to be yelling at the guy while he was upside-down and rather at his mercy. "...Look, I just want my sister back. That's it. Just give her back and we'll leave you alone." His mind raced over the curiosity of what this freak wanted with Trini, anyway.

"Sorry to disappoint you, kid, but I haven't killed anyone in a couple days." Jack pulled out a knife and sliced through the rope just above his hand. Gravity and the short trip down gave him enough time to exchange the knife for a gun, and he aimed it at the mechanic's head. "Besides, killing kids really isn't my style."

Before Dominick could glance up, the gun went off. Everything went black.

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