"Yes, through the alleys. I used to take this shortcut all the time from school. What are you so scared of?"

"It's... the alleys..."

"You're a wind spirit," Dom pointed out, somewhat impatiently. "What are you so worried about?"

"It's not me I'm worried about, Dommie..."

"Oh, please. I'll survive a little trip through the slums just to get to..." He stopped suddenly, his focus sharpening on an open door.

"What?? What is it?" Mag's persistant voice distracted him.

"That's weird... that's the old Macey warehouse, but it should be locked up. Macey's been dead for awhile now. I wonder what--"

"Confess to a measure of impatience, Shade..."

A voice drifted out, echoing off the walls of the alley and giving an eerie effect to the sound.

Dominick crept behind a few empty crates to listen.

"Dommie? ...Dommie, what are you doing?"

He shushed her impatiently and tilted his head toward the voice.

"You were given very specific instructions. I thought I had been clear."

summary written by Cherie

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