The shortcut home

Magdalena floated sourly, arms folded in the frustration that lingered from the night before as she watched Dom work. His watch started beeping and he slid out from under the car and headed to clock out

"Dom? You leaving already" Joe called out. "It's not even six yet."

"Yeah, sorry. I've got company coming over tonight. Kinda wanted to be somewhat presentable."

Joe's eyes twinkled. "Ah, the man's got himself a date! Got it. ...Of course, you could be BSing me just because you don't want to get your hands dirty on the lemon over there," he joked.

"Yeah, right. Like I would do that. Actually, I may come back after dinner to put in some more time."

"I'm only messing with ya, kid. Come back tomorrow."

"We'll see," Dom replied, heading out the door. "Thanks."

As soon as he left the building, Magdalena swooped in on him. "You're going home early. You never go home early."

"Your point?" Dom inquired casually.

"Don't play innocent with me," Mag spat. "It's the Social Butterfly, isn't it? She's coming over again tonight. I can see it now:" Her voice fell into an eerily accurate imitation of his own. "'Go away Magdalena, I want to give Little Miss Two-Tone a backrub -'"

"Mag. Stop it." Dom's angry voice cut her off. "This is really getting old."

"It's NOT 'MAG'!" she exclaimed, furious. "It's MAG-DA-LEN... where are you going?" The sudden switch in tone betrayed her worry. "Dommie? Where are you going? This isn't the way home, this is..."

"It's a shortcut."

"Through... the alleys?"

summary written by Cherie

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