This is why we don't eavesdrop

The voices continued:

"Be fair, boss. I tried. We tried. I told you - Someone interfered and now Grissa's been iced--..."

"I didn't ask for excuses, Shade, nor did I ask to know what happened to Grissa." The voice was ice-cold. "I asked for results. The results I'm paying you for."

"I - I know... I told you I would. It's just taking a little longer than I thought."

"If I -- uncharacteristically -- decide to give you another chance, do you think you might do me the favor of not fucking up this time?" The implied threat was spoken smoothly. He -- whoever he was -- sounded completely under control.

"..." and the other apparantly had nothing to say.

"I want you to find her -- personally -- and do your job. No more using your second-rate vampire friends to do your dirty work. This job was entrusted to you."

"Yes sir..." came the meek reply. "And when I take care of this Linao kid, will I receive what was promised?"

"I'll consider it. Right now, you should be more worried about covering your own end on the bargain before you ask me to uphold mine."

Magdalena suddenly hissed in the boy's other ear. "Dommie! Someone's coming!"

summary written by Cherie

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