"In-invited?" Dominick glanced up, blinking faintly and struggling to ignore the growling wind spirit by his ear. "Well, I... um--"

Something lodged in his throat, and fell into a coughing fit, squeezing his eyes shut with a pained smile. "Uh... Excuse me for a-- ... second," he muttered between coughs, sliding quickly down the hall.

"H'n..." I will never figure him out. Linao stared after him, smirking faintly to herself before her eyes turned back to Manuel. "Hey, what's for dinner?"

"Not much," he replied, halfway inside the fridge already and staring over the spare contents. "...Um, we have something that kind of looks like chicken, I can try that and see if -- oh, wait -- this is pork..." Rummaging a bit more, he came out with a handful of items and a rueful smile. "Okay. We have pork and... lima beans. And apple juice."

"You sure you don't need me to go and get something from the store?" Linao stared over the contents in his arms, her brow contorting guiltily.

"No, that's okay. We can make do with what we have here." We always do, he thought to himself, carrying what little he'd found to the counter.

"Manuel... are you sure?"

"Of course I am. Don't worry about it. You want to watch some vid while I get this stuff ready? It won't take long."

Linao frowned, but slid off the stool. "Alright," she mumbled reluctantly, glancing back as she shuffled into the living room and found a seat.

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