Liar, liar

"I didn't hear you come in last night," Manuel greeted Dominick as he rounded the counter. "What happened? Where were you?"

"I was--"

"Dommie, guess what guess what!" From behind him, the shrill voice struck up, and Trini's hands clasped to the back of his shirt, tugging it insistently.

"I was watching movies, with Tamur," he replied distractedly, sending Trini a backward glance. "Sorry I didn't call."

"Tamur?" The long, thick pause spoke more than anything Manuel might have said. "...Oh."

"'Oh'? What's that supposed to mean?" Dominick mumbled irritably, not in the mood for one of Manuel's overprotective rants.

"Well, I can't really say I like that kid, Dom," he replied, shrugging faintly. "He's got serious problems.

"Doesn't everyone..." Dominick and Linao echoed each other, then blinked faintly, their eyes meeting across the counter for an instant.

"Yeah," Manuel continued obliviously, "but he brings his problems on himself."

The silence once more hung awkwardly, and Linao cleared her throat, smiling with an emphasis she didn't feel. "...So, movies, huh? How come I wasn't invited?"

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