"Hold on," she exclaimed, bolstering the door open as he nearly closed it. That purse had a few important things in it... her cell-phone, her dad's credit card.. he'd kill her if he found that out.

"Is this your purse?" He picked up the blue, plastic purse from the dresser, holding it at arm's length.

"Yeah... thanks," she mumbled, her ears ringing from the relative quiet in this part of the backstage area. She stepped into the room long enough to grab at the purse.

"No problem," he replied. She heard the door click shut behind her.

[Excerpts from Linao's journal]

What was I thinking..
It all could have been so simple, before...
If I just hadn't gone there... If I'd just left...

But we never really want it simple, do we?
It can't be simple.
Simple isn't good enough.

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