The Missing Purse

"Eh..." This certainly wasn't going well. Her anger had finally washed itself into pure remorse, and all she felt like doing was curling on her bed. By herself. But here she was, standing behind some guy who obviously wanted to get her alone somewhere, and was used to getting his way... wasn't he? That's the way all rock stars are, she thought. Well, the truth never hurt, did it? Hanging her head slightly, she finally mumbled, "Not really... Look, maybe I can give you a rain check." Of four or five years.. "I've had a long night, anyway. I should probably just go home."

"If that's what you'd like." She blinked at the unexpected agreement. "I'll be here for another few nights, and then we're leaving the city-segment for awhile."

She stood blankly at the end of the hall as he turned to leave. Her courage finally began building again before he tossed over his shoulder, "Oh! I almost forgot. One of the bouncers found a blue purse on stage earlier. Didn't you have a purse before?"

The question caught her completely off-guard. "I-..." She stared at her empty hands, mind working quickly to remember where she could have lost it. She'd walked off-stage with it, hadn't she?? "Um.. yeah, I did have a purse..."

"Well, you're welcome to come claim it." Michael rounded the corner.

"...Hey, wait a minute." She took a tentative step forward.. and then another.. "Wait up!" she finally shouted, jogging after him.

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