No signal

"Funny..." Linao took a few steps backward, hands fumbling in her purse. "Now open the door." Maybe he hadn't meant to shut it.. yeah...

"I will.. But first we need to talk." He leveled his gaze, leaning against the door as if he were quite content to stay there for the rest of the night. He couldn't expect to keep her there, could he?

"Talk?" There wasn't anything good they could have talked about that involved keeping her locked in a dressing room. Her fingers finally snagged the cell-phone from her purse, pressing the ON button as she forced a smirk across her face. "Right. You talk, I'll call the police. Or you can open that door, and we can talk in the club."

[Excerpts from Linao's journal]

Dad always said there were two things you needed to pull off a good bluff...

A stoney expression, and blind luck.

I'd never had too much of either.

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