By the hair

"This guy your boyfriend?" The large bouncer leaned back, folding his arms doubtfully.

A sweet smile still clamped over her lips, pristine toss of her head washed with an innocent glance to the large man as she replied, "Why, no. I have no idea who he is, actually. Why do you ask?" She ignored the glare of death from Jim as she glanced casually back through the chain-link fence.

"Come on, pencil-neck." The insult brought a new string of complaints from him.

"Wait, she doesn't have a pass either!! Why aren't you kicking her out?!"

Linao lost no time in sliding the plastic pass from her shirt, flipping it behind her as she exclaimed over the loud music, "Michael gave it to me. Isn't he sweet?!"

The hateful snarl was lost somewhere behind her as rough fingers grappled him away by the hair.

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