How'd you know my name?

The announcer rumbled through the crowd outside, voice somewhat distorted against the metal chains. "Let's here it for the next band..." Linao shifted weight from one leg to the other, revenge replacing itself with nervousness once Jim was gone. Doubt had once again risen as a lump in her throat, and she wondered how easy it would be just to slip away before he--

"Hey, you waited for me."

The voice quickly forced her features calm again.

"I was half-expecting you to leave." Michael gave a generous saunter down the wall, his voice growing louder as the new band attempted to drown it out.

She glanced over her shoulder as casually as she could muster, a quick brush of her fingers dissuading the idea that she'd been contemplating it. "Let it never be said that I turned down a free drink." Or any drink. It's not like she was exactly the legal drinking age. She forced the thoughts down again, looking at him pointedly as he approached. "I was actually hoping you could tell me how you knew my name."

"You're a very to-the-point kind of girl, aren't you?" That casual smile looked as if it had won over the hearts of one too many girls with its charismatic wit. "Maybe we can grab a couple drinks and take them back to my dressing room?"

Uh-oh. That's what he wanted. The lump of doubt in her throat settled itself as a tight ball in her stomach. "I'm not really sure I trust you that much, yet," she replied, arms folding quickly over her chest.

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