You need a pass?!

"But... that wasn't..." Jim was stunned for a few seconds, eyes shifting back and forth as he searched for some sort of explanation. They snapped backward as a large hand clamped on his shoulder.

"Hey," as if that hadn't gotten his attention, the large man behind him practically yelled in his ear. Jim swiveled his head around slightly, blinking. "You got a pass, kid?"

"Uh..." It took him a moment to gather his wits again, stuffing both hands back into his pockets. "No.. I'm just talking to my girlfriend. I'll be gone in a minute." Eyes turned back to Linao, who was chuckling softly with her back turned. He bristled quietly.

"You ain't got a backstage pass, you ain't talking to nobody backstage. Get outta here." The large man, an earphone coiled next to his left ear and a plastic tag on his shirt displaying the name John in cold, blue letters, tightened his grip and forced Jim back a few steps.

"I swear, I just need to talk to my girlfriend!" He protested, losing his cool expression and turning finally to stare at the man. He paused, eyes floating upward until they finally caught John's full height. The angry tone fled from his voice. "One minute, please?"

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