Wicked Alchemy 6

Yep... the song was the entire reason for naming this comic the way I did. It actually started with a poem James [not Jim] wrote.. then Rik wrote a different version.. and I took both and wrote the third version that's on this page. So I give James full credit for the title. It just seemed too perfect.

Lin wasn't the only one wearing the dumbfounded stare of a deer caught in the headlights. Within inches of the stage, Jim's attention flashed upward as the band leader announced her name; was he serious?! Lin, the shy little outcast he'd practically crowbarred into coming, standing next to the band she'd so recently ridiculed… It was a paradox that made his lip quiver and his jaw set. What was she trying to pull??

From around him, the comments flailed as the band tuned their instruments quickly for the first song. "Dude, she's hot!" "Man, I betcha that's his girlfriend. I'd pay for a date with her." He grimaced faintly.

"Hey, I know her! She goes to school with me!" Jim blinked, glancing sideways at the curly-haired girl as she gleamed and bounced up and down. “Linao! Hey, Linao!!!”

The first song tore into the air, killing the various comments as Linao slinked far back into the pits of the stage. I can't believe this is happening… This is so embarrassing…

Lost, so long I can't remember
Wandering in my December
Now this cold machine surrenders
Waiting to be free

Cast yourself in my reflection
Broken body's sole creation
Cursed within your false intention
Celebrate your greed

Push me down, and then you'll see
These chains you used to capture me
Are weapons. Bet your blood runs deep
And sweeter within me

Try me, test me, I'll come back to
Turn my lies into your truths
My scream replaced the silence
In this Wicked Alchemy

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