Wicked Alchemy 5

The crowd was wild with anticipation as Linao stormed across the floor. All she could concentrate on was HIM, and that curly-haired fluke of a girl... The band leader shouted on, ringing her ears with sounds that didn't quite register anymore.

"We're going to open up a new song tonight…a song about finding yourself among a pile of human emotional garbage. How many know what I am talking about?" the lead singer goaded.

The crowd was electrified with excitement. YEAH! The scream was loud enough to overtake the sound system. "I said how many here know what I am talking about!??" He taunted again. The crowd screamed so loud it shook the foundation of the club, but even that didn't distract Linao from her target. She was getting closer to him, brushing against the stage as she passed, stomping and gritting her teeth in the prolonged assault.

As the crowd screamed the lead singer's eye caught her movements; he watched her carefully, distracted from the wailing voices by something else that seemed to contain more importance. Just a second's opportunity. He snagged it as he bent down. "Now here's a girl who knows what I mean!" He jerked her quickly onto the stage, surprising even his band members. Linao snapped out of her anger with a blank expression, too confused to look anywhere beyond the man who had ended her streak of rage.

He smiled softly to himself as he introduced her to the eager crowd. "Let's hear it for Linao!"

Linao stared. Could this be one of Jim's tricks?? How did he know her name? Her fingers curled quickly in front of her as he loosed her arm, sudden embarrassment fringing her cheeks as she realized the crowd behind her. "How... How did you--..." was all she could stammer out as the band began to play.

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