Wicked Alchemy 7

I'm glad that's over... Linao slid sideways until her fingers hit the side rail, and slowly pulled herself off the stage. A few light steps down, and her legs froze in place as something touched her shoulder; maybe it wasn't quite over. Fingers nervously brushed her hair over her ear, and she turned her eyes until she could vaguely see the singer's strange, cynical smile.

"Meet me after the set. I'll buy you a drink." A drink?? Her parents would kill her for that one. How old did this guy think she was, anyway?

"Uhh, that's okay…" Think, Linao… Her mind worked to come up with a quick excuse, eyes darting over the crowd of impatient fans waiting for the next song to begin. And then she spotted him. That dumbfounded expression was more than enough to feed her anger again. "Umm… Sure. Okay."

"Great. My name's Michael. See you then." He pressed something into her hand and sauntered back on stage, microphone swinging by his side.

Stuffing the thin piece of plastic in her pocket without bothering to glance at it, Linao escaped into the crowd. She made a beeline for the nearest route to Jim, brushing past him quite blatantly with a flip of her hair. It felt better than punching him in the face. She'd take away his precious band, and probably have a hundred dates after the night was over. Inwardly, she felt somewhat vindicated.

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