Linao lay sprawled on Tamur's itchy couch. Tamur lay with his head back and one leg thrown over the arm of the couch. His cigarrette dangled precariously with each light snore, but didn't fall -- only dusted his trenchcoat lightly with ash. The television droned in the background.

"...police are appealing for information after a brutal shooting last night. The victim, Manuel Marquez, 24, was found shot in the head after a neighbor reported hearing gunshots. The killer, the victim's brother Dominick Marquez,..."

Linao stirred slightly at the mention of Dom's name.

"... 19, escaped custody after assaulting two police officers sent to investigate the disturbance. Police are asking anyone with information on his whereabouts to come forward. Members of the public are urged not to approach this young man, as he is considered armed and dangerous..."

Pieces of the news report had been leaking into Linao's sleep. When she heard the words "armed and dangerous," she awoke with a "Mmrf?"

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