An old trick

But seriously, I was experimenting with a new style.. so let me know if you like it. Maybe I'll keep doing it this way [even though it seems to have taken me twice as long]. x_X

He had just reached the hallway when he heard a voice near his ear.


He was slammed against the wall and pain exploded in his head. Blood and glass shattered everywhere.

"-- was a really stupid thing to do, asshole. Ruining your day just became my number one priority."

The hand around Dom's throat tightened. High spots of color appeared in his cheeks as his air supply was cut off.

"Dommie?" Mag had been released when the light had broken. "W-what's going on?"

The cop reached for his weapon. "Did you just try to run? Was that an escape attempt? Because you know what I get to do now, right princess?" The sadistic eagerness in his voice made Dominick shiver.

"Th-th--" he strangled.

"What's that? I can't hear you."

"Th-throat..." he stared at the air above the cop's shoulder.

"Hear that? He's crying about his throat. Is it hard for you to breathe, princess?" The patronizing tone suddenly froze and became ice-cold. "Don't worry, in a second, you won't feel a goddamn thing."

"Throat..." he choked out again.

The cop raised his weapon. "I fucking hate whiners..."

Magdalena's form shimmered, then altered. Another shape began to emerge like a mirror melting. The spirit flowed into the throat of the first cop, then the second. They began to gasp for air, wheezing. A look of almost comical surprise passed over the face of the man who had threatened Dom. He fell to the floor clawing at his throat, coughing and gagging.

summary written by Cherie

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