Look, a distraction!

Dominick's mouth gaped open. "...What did he just say?"

"Did I tell you to shut the fuck up?" the cop snapped. "I think I did."

The second cop brought out another machine. "I don't suppose you want to tell us your name, princess?" He got no reply. "...Whatever. Turn him around so I can scan him."

Dom was grabbed by the shoulder and roughly spun around to face cop number two. The machine was aimed at his retina and began to scan him.

The door across the hall opened cautiously and a thin, quavering voice called out. "Well, it's about time you boys got here... I called you five hours ago and you said you'd be "right there." You mark my words, that boy's a menace..."

The cop half-turned towards the grizzled old woman. "Lady, get back inside your residence now"

She ignored him and continued querulously. "...Coming and going all hours of the night... and that little brat they have with them..."

"Lady, did you hear me? I said get back inside now!"

But apparantly, the lady wasn't paying attention. "...said you'd be 'right there.' I'll be writing a letter to your superiors, young man..."

The cop advanced toward her door. His voice became soft and dangerous. "Lady, this is your last warning. Get... back... inside."

"Now, don't you get upset with me, young man... I'm just doing my civic duty... don't come any closer, you hear me?"

The cop snorted laughter. "Or what, you old bitch? You'll hit me with your rolling pin? I said get inside."

As the cop holding Dom turned to glare at the lady, the boy saw his opportunity. He gave a massive shove against the wall and kneed the cop in the stomach. The cop stepped back with a grunt and Dom dashed for the door.

summary written by Cherie

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