Magdalena's predicament

"...Mag?" Dominick trudged through the hallway, dimly lit with a faint orange glow from the few bubble-lights that existed beside the apartment doors. It was late; he crept quietly along, for more than one reason, sighing to himself. He couldn't remember the last time he'd slept, anymore. "Magdalena? Where are you?" he breathed, turning the corner and pausing as he noticed the half-open door to his home.

"Dommie?" The shrill voice forced his gaze up, and he squinted into the light as he heard it again. "DOMMIE, HELP ME! GET ME OUT OF THIS THING! DOMMIEEEEEE!"

Blinking blankly, he trudged the distance to the light, pushing up on his toes until he nearly reached its base. "What are you doing?" he half-whispered. "I asked you to--"

"It -- it was him! He was standing outside the door when I came up," she burst into a helpless explanation, "and he looked straight at me and shook his head and pointed at the light thing and suddenly I was inside it and I can't get out! I tried, Dommie, I tried to get out but I can't move-- ...Dommie?"

The little spirit bumped against the light, watching as Dominick reached for the door knob. "Wait, Dommie, where are you going?!"

summary written by Cherie

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