At the fountain

Dominick sat listlessly beneath the belly of an old fountain. Its sides had cracked with age, and the basin itself was probably filled with anything but water -- acid rain had torn away whatever layer of paint it had originally displayed, and left a dry, forlorn surface that not many people ventured so far to see. The city-segment had authorized construction of a new fountain two decades before, and its dignity now stood as the central piece of the park... leaving the old fountain to decay in peace.

"Dommie, why can't we go home?" Mag persisted.

"I'm not leading anything that's following me back there."

"But we can't stay out here forever," she tried to reason. "And I wanna see Trini. You promised we could dance tonight."

Actually.. that's not a bad idea.. he thought. "...Okay. You go back to my place and watch them. Please. Make sure they're safe."

Magdalena disappeared with a FWIP, just as Linao approached the fountain.

"Hey you."

"Lin... Did you go by my apartment?" He tried to keep his voice casual.

"No, my mom gave me the message, so I came here. What's going on?"

"Listen..." Inspiration struck him as he struggled for an easier way to tell Linao. "Do you want to come watch movies with me and Tamur tonight?"

"Ah, now you invite me." Linao grinned, a tiny smirk playing along her lips. "I suppose I could..." Her voice faltered as she caught sight of him. "Is everything alright? You look spooked..."

"Yes... It's just..." Best to tell the truth... "No... I'll explain it later. I promise." But not just yet.

"You sure Tamur won't mind?"

"Nah, he needs the company. He gets a little weird if he's left alone for too long."

summary written by Angel and Cherie

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