Where'd he go?

From across the street, the looming figure caught a glimpse of white from the boy's pant leg as it darted farther into the alley. Something had startled him. The man narrowed his eyes, flying suddenly across the street and knocking into a few people as he sped through the alley. His bulk wasn't the only help he had in the chase -- two large, dark wings dipped out on the spirit plane, catching currents of air as he dashed behind the boy.

He shadowed Dominick through a maze of alleys, firing his gun whenever he saw the opportunity. The boy knew his way through the back-streets here, he had to admit.. but it was a losing battle. There was nowhere he could run that the man wouldn't find him -- and catch up to him.

Or was there?

The demon darted around a corner, gun poised against the empty corridor that greeted it. He skidded to a stop, a cold wave of dust spraying against the opposite wall. Humans didn't just disappear... He gritted his teeth and clicked on an ear piece, low voice growling against the static.

"We have a problem."

"And that would be?" A voice greeted him immediately, already disapproving.

"He can see us."

"...You let him escape?" The voice assumed.

"I'll find him. It's just going to take a bit longer."

"No, don't bother. I have a better idea."

summary written by Cherie

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