A place to call home

Linao slowly approached the cellblock building where she lived.

Home... I don't know why I bother coming back here. It's always the same. Loud... cramped... no privacy...

She opened the door to the sound of her parents arguing... again.

At least with Manuel and Dominick and Tryn I feel like a part of the family... Maybe I could borrow their couch if I went back...

She sighed, remembering all too well the expression on Manuel's face as he glanced into the fridge.

... Or not. I impose on them too much as it is.

She turned, disgusted, from the ugly sight of her parents' faces, distorted with rage.

I guess I'll just walk around for a bit until my parents calm down... Though it looks like that might be awhile.

She turned down the darkening streets, realizing that her path wasn't as random as she'd like to believe.

I have someone I need to talk to, anyway.

She entered the cramped nightclub and made her way over to the bar. She mumbled the name of some beverage when the bartender spoke to her, and stared at the stage that she had been dragged onto last night. Jeriel caught sight of her as the last notes of music faded. Leaving the band to disassemble the equipment, he sauntered over to where Linao was sitting, trying to look casual.

"Hey, wow. I didn't expect to see you back so soon after last night."

I bet you didn't. And how many other people have you scared so badly that they didn't want to come back?

"Well, I could leave, if it's a problem..." she replied, miserable. Wanting to go. Needing to stay.

"No, no, not at all. You want to talk?"

"That would be why I'm here, yes..." Her irritation with herself was coming through slightly, making the statement sound sharper than she had intended.

"Okay. Let me tell the guys where I'm going to be. Just a second."

summary written by Cherie

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