Trini was burrowing in her toy chest when Dominick knocked softly and entered her bedroom. He plucked the beret from her head.

"You should be in bed, young lady. You're supposed to be asleep."

Having found what she was looking for, Trini obligingly climbed into bed and wriggled under the covers.

"Are you gonna make Jowie dance, Dommie? Pleeease?"

"Well, I don't know," Dominick said in mock indecision. "He looks tired to me... Besides, he only dances when he's happy."

"He's happy! See, he's smiling!" She cast her eyes down to the little figure. "See? Smile for Dommie, Jowie!"

Her own smile slipped a little. "Okay... maybe he's not happy."

Dominick tapped Jowie's nose. "You know what? I bet he'd be happy if you gave him a kiss. Right on the nose."

"Really??" Trini asked, with perfect, unflinching confidence that anything Dommie said was true. "Okay!"

She inclined her head and gave Jowie a smacking kiss where Dominick's finger had touched. The figure began to dance, and Trini exclaimed, "Yay! It worked, Dommie! Look, he's happy now!"

Dommie saw all right, through eyes that had taken a curiously glazed cast.

summary written by Cherie

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