The place where spirits dwell

"Whatever. I didn't try to kill you," Magdalena huffed. "Besides, she doesn't need you. She's got so many guys that wanna be with her anyway, why would she-- mhf!!"

Dominick caught her up in one hand, the filmy veil between reality and the elements fading for a moment as his simple touch broke through it. "Mag... don't do this to me right now, okay?"

"It's Mag-da-len-a," the little spirit protested, her wisps curling in frustration. "Not 'Mag.' And why shouldn't I? So you can go out there and flirt with the social butterfly?"

"Alright, look," Dominick finally muttered, tired and irritable already from a long night. "I don't have to put up with this, I really don't. I invited you here," he reminded her, his fingers twitching threateningly around her.

"W-wait, Dommie don't... you wouldn't--"

Sighing faintly, he dropped his hand. "Look... I'll make it up to you later tonight, okay? I promise. Please."

Instantly, she vanished, the remnants of her element dissipating as reality once more found its place around him.

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