Over the moon

School was the last thing on Trini's mind, and her fingers grasped around the faded material of her brother's shirt, tugging it excitedly as she gasped. "Hey Mawee, guess what guess what??"

"Hi, Linao," Manuel offered, side-glancing the girl who smiled weakly in response.

"Hey Manuel. Sorry about Trini... she's been hyper ever since we talked to this guy on the way home--"

"--I'm gonna be a TV star!" Trini interrupted, hardly caring that her brother hadn't asked. "With my own trailer and a lima--"

"Limo--" Linao corrected her, hiding a faint giggle at the girl's enthusiasm.

"--Limo, and a hairdresser and a drink guy and- and- and I wanna wear my red dress, 'cos I like the red- but wait, no ,I wanna wear my blue dress 'cos it has those lace things, can I wear the blue one Mawee please??"

"What? Hang on, calm down, Tryn. Linao, what's she talking about?" Manuel blinked and glanced up raising a thin, brown eyebrow.

"Well, there was this guy -- some talent agent," Linao replied, talking a bit louder as Trini continued her long, happy ramble. "Anyway, he saw Trini and thought she might be good for a commercial they're casting. Of course, she overheard him say that, and she's been over the moon about it ever since."

"We'll see, punkin," Manuel finally offered Trini's incessant questioning. "Why don't you rinse off all this chocolate that you're not supposed to have..."

"Eh heh..." Linao forced a grin, rubbing the back of her head in embarrassment.

"...And then we'll talk about it. Okay?"

"Okay!" As quick as she'd come, she darted away again, leaving the living room once more void of energy.

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