Too much chocolate

Linao glanced around anxiously as they neared the apartment, her watch and the living room given a thorough inspection. Then she breathed a faint sigh of relief.

"We're not too late. Doesn't look like anyone's home yet, anyway. Come on Trin, let's get you cleaned up."

No sooner had the door opened than Trini darted around Linao's legs. She sprawled up the entertainment center and clutched the vidscreen, smiling brightly down as she stretched to her toes."Look, Linnie! Look! I'm on TV! I'm gonna be the Queen of the TV!"

"Trini!" Linao rushed over to her, grabbing her before she could fully scale the monitor."Get down, you're going to hurt yourself!"

Grabbing her from the center, Linao set her on the ground and gave her bell cap a light tug. "Be careful, hun," Linao said gently."I don't want to have to explain to your brother if you get hurt –"

The door squeaked lightly on its hinges, and Trini's expression shifted instantly from a sullen pout into sheer excitement.


She shot toward her brother, sending him sprawling against the wall before he knew what hit him.

"Oof!" Manuel landed hard, grinning wryly at his sister under a thin squint of pain. "Hey, squirt.  How was school?"

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