"So when do I get to cast fireballs?" Tamur ventured with a smirk staring at the little sprite that glimmered from the lighter.

"You wouldn't want to do that." Dominick opened one of the lockers, stuffing his toolbox and a few other things inside, and grabbing for his backpack. "Mages have a problem in this world..."

The fire spirit danced farther up as Dominick explained, whispering something to Tamur with a delightful grin on its face. It demonstrated how to make a fireball, fiery digits dwindling close to Tamur's gloved hand as it sprouted the fire from Tamur's own essence.

"You can talk to and hear the element, but when you try to manipulate it, you give off this thing called essence." Unwinding the rubber band, he let his hair fall across half his face and leave it to shadows. "Our nice government can track it as soon as you do it... They'll find you, find an excuse to lock you up, and then use you for experiments."

"Um..." Tamur suddenly glared at the fire spirit.

"Heehee!" It wrapped around itself, sliding back into the lighter.

"So... this would be a bad thing, then."

Dominick paused in front of the open locker, half-dreading to look over his shoulder. "Sometimes it just doesn't pay to turn around..."

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