Don't play with fire spirits

"Hello?" Tamur stared hard at the lighter, the smirk never leaving his face. He couldn't help but feel a bit silly. "Any fire spirits in there? ...Nope?" Leveling his gaze at Dominick, he shrugged. "Well, so much for tha-"

"WHADDA YOU WANT?!?!" the voice took him by surprise; eyes fell to the lighter again, which seemed to have sprung to life while he wasn't paying attention.

"Oh.." he finally managed, rubbing the back of his head nervously. "Eh.. um.. Eh heh... Hi?"

"Did I forget to mention fire spirits aren't usually very friendly?" Dominick replied with his arms crossed. He smirked at Tamur's expense for once.

"Must've... slipped your mind..." Tamur replied without dropping the nervous grin. The fire spirit glared hotter, slipping up until it warmed the side of his face.

"I was sleeping! This better be good!"

"Yes... Well... I was wondering if you could.." Fumbling in his pocket, fingers finally snapped around a stray cigarette and produced it quickly. "..light this for me!"

"Sure!" the fire spirit smiled unexpectedly. "Piece of cake." A smokey digit slithered out, wrapping around the tip of the paper substitute and quickly slurping the cigarette to ash.

"...They're also good at showing off," Dominick added as the ash crumbled onto Tamur's foot.

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