Meet Dominick

"His name's Dominick Marquez. His.." Enoch paused, then condensed his screen into a few short sentences, "records show a bunch of overtime, chances are you'll probably find him there tonight. Two Miles, 34th Street. Big sign that says Joe's Auto."

"You didn't have to hug her like that!" A squeaky voice echoed through the empty mechanic's garage. Dominick bit his lip, yanking harder on the oil filter.

"Would you stop being so jealous??" he sighed, half-annoyed at the familiar conversation. "I told you, she's just a friend."

Magdalena folded her arms in a huff, wispy fingers curling in agitation. "Uh huh. Suuuuure. I see the way you look at her!" Her face drew a mock-smile, voice wavering as she tried to mimick him. "Oh, Linao! How've you been?! Let me get those books for you!"

Lowering his arm for a minute, Dominick mumbled, "You're not funny."

The wind spirit huffed as her arms folded back across her chest.

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